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Your home for Bollywood dance...

Are you looking for a Bollywood dance class? You're in the right place! Whether you're reconnecting with your passion for dance, or think you've got 2 left feet or you're looking to infuse more dance & fitness into your work life balance. We've got you covered.

The only Bollywood dance school to last over a decade in the greater Seattle area. We know what it takes to make you a (better) dancer.

Start today in one of our 3 locations - Redmond, Bellevue & Kirkland.

Looking for Bollywood dance? You’ve found the spot! Dive back into your dance love, conquer those "two left feet," or mix dance into your life. Our school, a decade-strong in the Greater Seattle Area, shapes you into a (better) dancer, 
Join us in Redmond, Bellevue, or Kirkland today!

Our locations 

Currently we're at 3 locations & growing.

Redmond, Bellevue & Kirkland. Centrally located, easy access to freeway exits & parking on-site.

BollyWorks Locations
  • Bollywood dance class for adults


    Our original location. Find us located just off WA 520, close to Costco Redmond.

  • Bellevue


    Located right off downtown Bellevue, close to WA 520 & I 405. Easily accessible from neighboring cities & ample parking onsite.

  • Bollywood dance class Kirkland & Bothell


    Located in Kirkland, accessible to Bothell & Bellevue. Weekends now start with Bollywood dance!

Our Bollywood dance classes

We have Bollywood choreography & Bollywood dance fitness classes. 

Choreography improves your dance ability, memory & grace.
Whereas our dance fitness improves your cardio fitness, muscular co-ordination, and aids your workout needs & goals.  

We suggest you try both!

Pick your class here
  • Choreography


    Learn Bollywood dance steps to your favorite songs!

  • BollyWorks Fitness

    BollyWorks Fitness

    Dance your way to fitness. Workouts don't have to be boring!

Bollywood dance classes
Project Bollywood at BollyWorks

About BollyWorks

BollyWorks Studio

When BollyWorks was created over a decade over, there was a non-existent Bollywood dance scene here. Since then, we’ve brought the joy of Bollywood dance to 1000s of students, in classes, on stage, & transformed the local Bollywood dance scene. 


Founded by, Arundhati Baitmangalkar, an ex- Shiamak Davar Dance Company instructor, show manager, yoga & fitness instructor. She has single handedly changed & raised the bar for Bollywood dance classes over the past decade. Having pioneered Bollywood dance instructor training programs to help make Bollywood dance more accessible. Many of the city’s instructors, & studios have trained with her & follow the BollyWorks method from near and afar. 


When you dance with us, not only will your dance skills get better. But you’ll walk away with enhanced fitness and stamina too. Not to mention that you’ll have lots of fun learning & being in a welcoming, inclusive community of (all level) dancers. 


In a world full of trends, we consider ourselves to be classic. Ready to dance with us?

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I've been going for both Choreography and Fitness classes. All the instructors are high in energy, passionate and absolutely fun to dance with. Arundhati is truly an inspiration. The classes are absolute stress busters. If you love dancing and want to follow your passion this is a perfect place for you. Highly recommended!

Shweta Satpute

I've been going since 2017 for both choreography & fitness. I love that in choreography classes, we're focused on a dance form & I work towards improving myself as a dancer and push myself to do better. In fitness classes, I just let loose and dance my heart out. These classes have crazy energy and I see everyone around me having so much fun. Absolutely recommend taking your first class. Once you take a class, you'll surely come back for more.

BollyWorks truly welcomes beginners & experienced dancers in a warm authentic setting where you can truly be yourself, experience Bollywood dancing ,have fun & lose calories & get fit. The different schedules over the week & weekend which adds to the flexibility . Arundhati & her team have only purpose here - to send you home with a smile on your face and a feeling of active energy at the end of the session. Highly recommended...

Whether you're looking for a safe space to start experiencing the joy of dancing or whether you're a pro looking to hone your skills, you've reached your destination at BollyWorks. I started dancing here 6 months ago & it's been a blast every week. Each of the instructors brings their unique flavor to class & they collectively make a fantastic team. I also love the community. Kudos for bringing joy to the community Ajit, Aru,Tessa and Sandy!

I've been dancing with Bollyworks since 2014. With every passing year, I've only gotten better at dancing, & feel stronger and confident to do some hard dance forms, like contemporary. Aru is a ball of radiant energy, and her choreography is fun, easy to learn, and yet challenges you to perform at the next best level. She helps her students strike the right balance between technique and movement. Bollyworks is a fun place to learn how to dance without being judged. It doesn’t matter where you are in your dance journey, there's a place for everyone, & you feel included and part of the community that Aru has created over the years. I highly recommend Bollyworks. It is undoubtedly the best Bollywood dance studio on the east side!