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Classes at BollyWorks

Dance. Fitness. Fun.

We offer two types of classes every week, Choreography & Fitness


Do you wish you could dance like you see in the movies and on social media? Then this is the class for you. 

In our Bollywood choreography classes, we pick a song, build a dance routine to it.

We teach it to you in a clear, structured way where you build and grow your dance skills. 

This class is a great start point for the "dancer" in you. Offered at Bellevue and Redmond with Arundhati. 

Check the current schedule to see what's being offered right now. 
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BollyWorks Fitness

This format was created in-house at BollyWorks in 2017. To allow more people to experience dance as a way to better health & fitness.

A high energy dance fitness class where each track feels like a dance party.

You'll sweat, burn & tone without knowing it. Suitable for literally - everyone. 

On-going format across all locations. 
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