When I started taking BollyWorks dance and fitness classes a few years ago I had zero experience with dance and was completely out of shape. I had been looking for a long time for a form of exercise that would be interesting, fun, and not too scary for a real beginner. Bollywood has become my passion thanks to the welcoming environment that Arundhati creates at BollyWorks. She sets the bar high but gives enough clear, supportive instruction that we can master the material. All the instructors are welcoming, professional, and friendly. I never thought I'd ever become someone whose favorite days of the week were the ones when I could go work out, but thanks to BWF that's who I am today!

Hi Arundhati. I needed to say this to you and that need grows every time i meet you. It's remarkable and extraordinary to see what you have achieved. From the conception to the implementation of bollyworks fitness, the growth... you should be very proud of what you have accomplished. You have an amazing team that supports you and stands with you everyday in what you do. I enjoy every single class(free or paid)... no matter who teaches it. You are inspiring and i know you probably get that a lot but i wanted you to know that you are inspirational to a complete stranger whose life you have changed in past couple months without knowing

I have been passionate about Bollywood dancing for so long. I always had the plan to join a dancing class and I was very happy when I found out about BollyWorks. I am about to start my fifth batch with Arundhati and I am very excited to be a part of her advanced class. Arundhati is very confident in what she is doing and that brings more energy and fun into the class. I love her choreography! She always dances with full energy. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy dancing in her class. ?

Soumya is one of the best instructors we have partnered with at the Whole U. She was professional and prepared during the coordination process to ensure we had all of the logistics covered. She brought energy and enthusiasm to packed classes that left people smiling and asking for more. Participants left nothing but glowing reviews. I also had the opportunity to take one of the class she taught. As someone who has never taken a dance class, I was blown away by how much fun I had and how many calories I burned. I would recommend Soumya’s classes to everyone!

Soumya, the instructor, is absolutely excellent! Great music, great fun, great workout! I would take another of Soumya's classes in a heartbeat! I had no previous Bollywood dance/fitness experience prior and I absolutely loved it and can't wait to do more! Thank you to Whole U and Soumya for the such a wonderful opportunity/experience!
Anonymous - Whole U participant

This is a fun fitness workout routine. I love dancing and working out, Bollyworks Fitness is a perfect combination of the two. Arundhati, Soumya and Pashmi are very good instructors. Their classes are filled with lots of energy and fun. If you want a mix of fun, dance, Bollywood songs and a great workout, you must try this.
You guys rock!

Bollyworks -- Arundhati . The name says it all. I was looking to follow my passion of Bollywood dancing for years and finally I ended up joining bollyWorks.This choreography class is a perfect blend of energy, fun, moves etc. it's an hour, I always crave for. Apart from being a great choreographer she is a passionate teacher who ensures that everyone is learning and enjoying every single move involved. In last three months I have definitely come out as a better dancer and wish to excel. It's worth trying.

5 months of winter which people mostly associate with depression for newbies in Seattle turned out to be wonderful five months just because of this one decision I took in August of 2016 ....
I signed up for project Bollywood by Bollyworks!
And rest has been magical, it introduced me to wonderful gurus Arundhati, Pashmi and Sowmya thanks guys you all inspire me.
I would rate it must do for all the dance enthusiasts 🙂 Bollyworks rocks.

Lovely place with awesome Bollywood dance !! The instructors Arundhati, Pashmi and Soumya are the best. They make you feel very comfortable and at ease.I think Im turning into a better dancer after joining bollyworks. Fun way to spend the gloomy winters in Seattle

The instructors are very professional and fun at the same time. My favorite part is the choreography - crisp and clear, targeted at a big stage. You'd be surprised at how your stamina levels shoot up after being a regular here. You also get to meet many other dancers and learn their technique and style. If you love performing, this is the place to be.

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