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The Eastside's premium Bollywood dance class for adults. High quality, fun & authentic Bollywood dance for you. 

A little more about us

Are you looking for a high-quality, authentic, & fun Bollywood dance experience? You’re in the right place.
BollyWorks has been the Eastside’s go-to Bollywood dance studio for 9 years. With choreography classes, dance shows, local performances & dance fitness classes & fitness certifications. We’ve done it all.

But since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve changed our direction to accommodate this new normal. We’re currently offering weekly choreography & dance, and fitness classes. Both are geared towards indulging you in your love for Bollywood dance.

Our classes are high-energy, inclusive & authentic. Our instructors are known for their professionalism, fitness, and their ability to make you dance your heart out in an hour of class. Start today! You won't be disappointed. 

Why dance with us at BollyWorks?

New to BollyWorks, but need a little more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why we're the best in the business...
Professional Instructors
Arundhati created BollyWorks after having worked as an instructor, performer, & show manager with the Shiamak Davar dance company for 7 years in India
Non-dancers welcome
We strongly believe no one has two left feet. Once you dance with us. We change that. Our core strength is making a dancer out of everyone.
Professional at every point
At BollyWorks, professionalism is our middle name. From starting on time to everything else.  So you don't waste a single second of your dance time.
BollyWorks is diverse, inclusive and welcomes all levels of dancers. All you need is to show up & we'll take care of the rest.
Fitness through dance
Dance your way to fitness through our fitness & choreography classes. You won't realize how your workout got done. 
Grow your dance ability
Whether you're a beginner to dance or want to get better at fitness. We've got your covered. We've grown 100s of dancers just like you this past decade.

How it works

Check out our current offerings. Decide which class you want to attend. Buy the pass online. Register for the class using your pass. Show up! No walk-ins. All classes require pre-registeration.
1. Pick a class
Choose between choreography or dance fitness classes. Two different formats. If you ask us, do both. 
2. Complete your sign up
Online signups are required. No walk-ins. Reserve your spot in the class that you want to attend. 
3. Show up
Once you've reserved your class. Show up in person for your class. You can re-schedule you bookings. Read cancellation policy below

Our main offerings...

We offer two main types of Bollywood dance classes for adults. Choose between choreography classes or dance fitness classes. 

Both are very different & offer a variety of benefits. Depending on your preferences, you can pick. But if you ask us, you should give both a shot :)  
What's Choreography?
Choreography is where you learn a dance routine. Step by step to a song. Just like you see in Bollywood movies. This class is great for anyone who wants to learn a new skill, enjoys dancing, wants to get better at dancing. We offer general classes that are open to all & an experienced level class. 

What's BollyWorks Fitness?
This class is meant to make you sweat, burn & tone. 60 minutes of non-stop Bollywood dancing. Where you follow along to high-energy dance numbers. Perfect if you're looking for a fun way to workout, dance a bit, burn calories & feel great afterward. Works great for beginners & experienced dancers alike.

On Schedule Now

BollyWorks Fitness
BollyWorks Fitness with Ajit, Sandy & Arundhati 
On-going. Join anytime
When: Fridays 06:45pm to 07:45pm 
            Mondays 08:05pm to 09:00pm
             Sundays 10:45am to 11:45am

Level: All levels welcome
Pass required: 3 options available.
Pre-register - Required

Get your pass here plans

You'll need to pre-register for class. No walk-ins. All participants need to be 15 or older. Every pass has an expiry date.
10 pack
BollyWorks Fitness


Use this pass to book BollyWorks Fitness classes. 

Validity 6 months since the date of purchase.
Buy Now
5 pack
BollyWorks Fitness


Use this pass to book BollyWorks Fitness classes.

Validity 3 months since the date of purchase.
Buy Now
General Choreography


This pass gives you access to General Bollywood class on Wednesdays

Valid for batch dates only.
Buy Now
Experienced Choreography


This pass gives you access to Experienced Bollywood class on Thursdays

Valid for batch dates only.
Buy Now
Interested in a drop-in pass?
Drop-in passes are available only for BollyWorks Fitness classes. Please  use the pass to register for your class before showing up. 

Booking & Cancellation Policy 

- Once you buy a pass, reserve a spot in the dance fitness class you plan to attend. 
- No walk-ins allowed. 
- If the class you wish to attend is full you can waitlist by going to the footer of your account & leaving a message with the date & class you want to waitlist for. 
- No refunds available. Please note the expiration policy on the passes you purchase. 
- Passes cannot be shared. One member one pass. 
- You can your BollyWorks spots 2 hours before cancellation. After that the credit is deducted

The BollyWorks Team

Meet the small but mighty team that make Bollywood dance special & accessible to you every week. 
Arundhati Baitmangalkar
Arundhati is a professionally trained Bollywood dancer. With 8 years of experience as a Shiamak Davar dance instructor in India & show manager. Arundhati has traveled the world & performed with Bollywood celebrities. She created BollyWorks to bring authentic Bollywood dancing to the greater Seattle area.
Soumya Gogula
Soumya is our resident superhero. She started as a student but soon became a principal dancer, instructor, co-creator of BollyWorks Fitness & all-around superhero. If you dance with us, you know the magic that's Soumya. Currently on maternity leave. Soumya is also a program manager when not dancing. 
Ajit Lloyd
Ajit Llyod is a born dancer. Having danced at the Shiamak Davar company in India. He's developed a passion & purpose for dance & fitness that makes him a firecracker of an instructor. He satrted as a student but soon transitioned to the other side. Attend his weekly classes to experience his magic. When not dancing, you'll find Ajit at Amazon. 
Jamie Meeks
Studio Manger
Jamie Meeks has been handling all the magic & messiness of things behind the scenes with ease. When you ping us on social or send us an email, it's Jamie who's got your back. An expert in customer care. She's been with BollyWorks for years & is our resident go-to champ for many things.  
Sandy Mathews
Sandy started taking dance classes with Bollyworks when she moved to the Seattle Area 9 years ago. She’s participated in Project Bollywood and has been a regular fixture in Bollywood Fitness classes. When she’s not teaching dance fitness, she enjoys teaching cooking classes. 
Sindhura Gangu
Sindhura is passionate about dancing and has been dancing for many years - at school, university, events. She just needs an excuse to break into a dance. Since moving to Seattle 6 years ago, she has been a student at Bollyworks for Project Bollywood. She now brings her passion to Bollyworks as an instructor. She has recently taken up standup paddle boarding and loves exploring lakes around the greater Seattle area.

What our customers are saying about us

If you read our reviews, you'll be running to class this minute ;) 
Ritu T
"This choreography class is a perfect blend of energy, & fun moves. It's an hour, I always crave for. Apart from being a great choreographer, Arundhati is a passionate teacher who ensures that everyone is learning and enjoying every single move involved."
Karina Asmi
"Best dance class I've ever taken! Arundhati, Soumya, and Pashmi have an infectious energy that motivates you to keep moving and have fun. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like their fave Bollywood stars"
Ramya Parameshwaran
"My time here has been magical, it introduced me to wonderful teachers. Arundhati, Pashmi, & Sowmya you all inspire me.
I would rate it must do for all the dance enthusiasts :) Bollyworks rocks!"
Asha Desai
"Arundhati's classes are fun and energetic. If you are looking to learn bollywood dancing or simply get fit while having some fun then Bollyworks is the place for you!"
Divya Michael
"Getting fit can't get any more fun! I've tried many ways to keep fit  and this has been the only one that I stick to, You'll hear time and again that their classes are very energetic & fun, & also be sure to lose weight & build more stamina with consistency. They have an amazing set of instructors whom I just adore"
Keertana Kumar
"The best Bollywood dance studio for adults. Arundhati is a really great teacher and her choreography is authentic.
Would recommend to any friend in the Seattle area."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial class?
No, we don't. You're welcome to purchase a drop-in class to attend class. We're a small local business & to continue to offer these we don't give away services for free.
Does my pass expire? 
Yes. Absolutely. Check the pass description above for exact expiration dates & policies. 
Can I just walk in without registering? 
You'll need to pre-register, buy a pass & book your class before walking in. Classes fill up so please reserve before you attend. 
Can I bring my kid to attend class with me?
Anyone above the age of 15 is welcome to attend class. We don't offer kids' classes. Anyone attending needs to have a pass to attend class. 
Where are you located? 
Our local studio is in Redmond. We're open only during class hours. Just hit BollyWorks on your GPS & you'll find us easily. 
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