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No such thing as two left feet...

At BollyWorks, we strongly believe we can make anyone dance. We'd love for you to put us to the test. Our studio is a place where everyone can feel inspired, encouraged, and empowered to express themselves through the sheer joy of Bollywood dance.

Building the best Bollywood dance school

About BollyWorks

Celebrating a decade of making Redmond & beyond dance. From weekly classes to stage shows, we've done them all.

What sets us apart, is the fact that we're the only Bollywood dance school run by a trained professional Bollywood dancer & choreographer.
This allows us to structure Bollywood dance for the novice & experienced. Making you discover the hidden dancer in you.

All our instructors are handpicked & trained in-house by Arundhati. Allowing us to give you high-quality, power packed, professional Bollywood dance classes across all classes & venues.

Our mission is simple. To help you discover the dancer within you. There are no two left feet at BollyWorks. In fact, we root for the non dancers as much as we do for the dancers.

No experience required. Other than just the dream and desire of dancing your heart out.

Start dancing today!

The BollyWorks Team

These superhumans are the heart and soul of BollyWorks. Each of them started off as a student - just like you & crossed over to train & teach with us.

Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Having been passionate about wellness & fitness since a young age. Arundhati is a trained professional Bollywood choreographer & show manager. Having worked full-time with the Shiamak Davar Dance company for 8 years. She created BollyWorks to raise the bar for what passes off as Bollywood locally. When not dancing, she runs her full-time yoga studio, trains yoga teachers, hosts a weekly yoga podcast & mentors other yoga & fitness instructors.

Ajit Lloyd

Ajit Lloyd started as a student at BollyWorks years ago. Having a natural passion for dance. He started dancing at the Shiamak Davar company in India. Since then he's developed a passion & purpose for dance & fitness that helped him train & transition to teaching at BollyWorks. When not dancing, you'll find Ajit working his full-time corporate job.

Sandy Mathews

Sandy started taking dance classes with Bollyworks when she moved to Redmond 9 years ago. She’s been in our Project Bollywood shows and has been a regular fixture in Bollywood Fitness classes. Today, she teaches BollyWorks fitness & inspires others that it's never too late to start dancing. When she’s not teaching dance fitness, she enjoys teaching cooking classes.

Tessa Wynn

Tessa joined BollyWorks as a dancer for our Project Bollywood performances back in 2019. Her passion for Bollywood dance grew quickly & strongly. She made it her life's mission to learn the ins & outs of Bollywood dance since then & train hard. Today, Tessa is a testament that if you put your mind to it - Bollywood dance is for everyone. When she's not dancing, she enjoys reading, cooking, and gardening.

Smitha S Reddy

Smita started dance as a child exploring a classical style called Bharatnatyam. That's when she fell in love with dance. Since then her passion has led her to Bollyworks where she started as a student in 2018 and transitioned to BollyWorks Fitness teacher in 2019. Before teaching at BollyWorks, she used to teach at the local YMCA. When not dancing Smita enjoys reading, listening to music, podcasts, and trying out different fitness workouts on YouTube.

Jamie Meeks

Jamie Meeks is our hidden superhero. As our studio manager, she makes sure everything on the backend works with ease. So anytime you need any of your non-dance requests handled you'll hear us say, "ask Jamie" often. Having been with us for years, Jamie also enjoys home DIY projects, time on the beach and working out when not at the studio remotely.