BollyWorks was created by in 2013 by Arundhati Baitmangalkar after her move from India to Redmond. Having already spent  7 odd years as a professional dancer and instructor with The Shiamak Davar Dance Company - India’s biggest Bollywood dance company - Arundhati had decided to not teach Bollywood dance and instead  to focus on growing her yoga studio, Aham Yoga (hyperlink). However, as time passed she noticed a lack of as well as  a need for professional, high quality Bollywood dance classes and schools in the area. That’s how BollyWorks was born. It was intended to be a part time adventure to share authentic Bollywood dance with those around her.

But very quickly, BollyWorks gained popularity as a place for professional, high quality, authentic and fun Bollywood dance instruction and experience. As more people discovered us, Arundhati realized quickly that there was a huge demand for Bollywood dance not just by the immigrant community but by all. Because Bollywood dance is inclusive, universal, fun and one of the best de-stressers. This led to us creating all that we what we offer today. 

Project Bollywood

Today at BollyWorks, you’ll find a variety of offerings – Project Bollywood, a performance based series of choreography classes. BollyWorks Fitness classes for those who love to dance & stay fit but don’t want to be on stage. Instructor certifications for those who love want to share what we do with others. And so much more.

BollyWorks Fitness

BollyWorks Fitness (BWF) is our Bollywood dance fitness classes offered at various locations. Looking for a fun, cardiovascular workout to Bollywood music? This is the perfect class for you. Created and run by Arundhati & Soumya, you can now find a BWF class at multiple locations in the city. Have we peeked your interest? Read more here.

BollyWorks Fitness Instructor Certification was created to fulfill the demand for Bollywood dance fitness. As we got overwhelmed by requests for classes, we decided to formally launch our BWF instructor certification program. Essentially, this trains new and experienced fitness instructors to teach the BollyWorks Fitness format at local gyms, studios, offices and health clubs. If you are interested in becoming a BWF instructor, get the details here 

BollyWorks also takes on Bollywood dance shows, corporate events and wedding choreography. Get in touch to know more. 

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